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I was on HAL's Eurodam. We had just left St Petersberg and were having a sea day heading to Finland. The day prior was the day that Russia invaded Georgia. On the morning of the sea day we were watching CNN and they were doing war coverage (CNN London) and stating the the Russians were targeting everything and had blown up a tourist hotel near the Georgia capital. That after noon we were in our cabin and heard a loud roar outside. We went on our balcony and going past our ship at pretty slow speed was a Russian fighter jet. We were in shipping lanes and this fighter was going by every ship and I think looking at the flags. It buzzed us,,went past us then came back for another pass (it was passing us stern to bow). Then it went high into the sky, turned around, and came at us head on. It thought for sure we were going to get hit, but it went past us then took off straight up into the sky.

In retorspect sinking a cruise ship with primarily American, British and Canadian passengers was probably not on this guys mind, but it was pretty scary at the time.
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