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Not really scary but on a Princess cruise (yep I was a traitor ) in Jan this year I came down with food poisoning. I went to the doctor and of course was quarantined for 3 days (Noro Virus). It wasn't but that's not important Better safe than sorry I guess. Anyway in St. Kitts my wife went on a shore excursion and left me in the room. When the cleaning crew (the ones with the masks and rubber gloves :o ) came to clean the room I went out on the balcony with a book. When the finished they opened the balcony and told me they were done. I said OK. I continued reading and about 15 minutes later I thought I better make a trip to the bathroom. However, the cleaning guys had locked the balcony door. I was stuck outside. Well, lucky me. The folks were on the balcony below me. I called down and they called my room steward. He came and let me in and he thought it was funny. He said he had done it once by mistake. When the cleaning guys came for the nightly wash down they were most embarrassed and kept apologizing. I tried to console them and joked about it. There was no damage done and it really was a funny situation. And I won't get caught a second time

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