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Exclamation A warning for shore excursion in Rio de Janeiro

If any of you fellow cruisers happen to be in Rio de Janeiro and thinking about hiring a private guide there, here is a warning about one of them.
We started our cruise on Holland America Veendam in Rio de Janeiro. We arrived 3 days early and hired a private guide, Pedro Landsberg, for all 3 days through InfoHub Specialty Travel Guide, vacation and tourism, weekend getaway, fishing hunting lodges, guest ranches, diving resort, castle hotels, .... There were 4 of us - myself, my husband and my elderly parents. On the 3rd day we wanted to settle our account with Pedro before leaving the hotel, but he said that we can do it later.
We ended our tour in a big crowded mess of the port for cruise ship embarkation.
There was no place to get some kind of privacy, so we had to do the accounting in front of a big crowd (not pleasant). Pedro presented us with a messy scrambled bill written on a piece of paper. He grabbed cash and left even not saying “good buy” to all of us. The amount seamed too high, so we made the calculations after he left and realized that Pedro intentionally overcharged us $156 for extra time not provided and cheating with the conversion rate. All my emails with an explanation and request to correct the bill and pay back via paypal (he has an account) remained ignored.
Be aware of this dishonest man who left very bitter taste of his services.
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