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Originally Posted by Triton View Post
I am thrilled =X= is refurbishing the M-Class, and already read about the Connie going in - I understand they are putting a restaurant in the Martini Bar area, and overhauling the Cova Cafe area.

M-Class is my all time favorite. I have never experienced any mechanical difficulties or problems on any X ship.

Way to go, Celebrity!!!

I agree that refurbishing the M-class ships certainly is a step up for those who do cruise M-class ships.

You have been fortunate not to have experienced any problems on an M-class ship, but it should be pointed out that just because one person has not experienced a propulsion problem on an M-class ship, that fact in no way means that this recurring problem does not happen, because it does. As one of the tens of thousands of passengers who have experienced one of these recurring mechanical difficulties and problems, on a Celebrity M-class ship, I would hope that you can understand that after you go through that kind of an experience why an M-class ship would be at the very bottom of my list of all time favorite ships. Before someone flames me again, it should be pointed out that the Constellation has not had the same propulsion problems as the Millennium, Infinity and Summit have experienced.


Glad to hear that after all these years that Celebrity has begun removing the remnants of circus Oley. On our cruise on the Summit, over 3 years ago, that area looked like the aftermath of a party gone terribly wrong! That area is in a great location and should have been one of the highlights of the entire ship.

Now the new builds for Celebrity, from what I have read and seen, do look beautiful.

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