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[edited for content] What I have said is that (read this on Princess please) a friend just sent me her experience on the Emerald Princess that she just disembarked yesterday.. and I personally thought I'd like to share the fact that a avowed Princess fan was very disappointed in her cruise, the food, etc.. Not EVERYBODY has a positive experience [edited]

I've known this woman for more than 30 years having worked closely with her here in MA for 20 years..You will have to read the Princess board. She and her husband are avid cruisers and her experience on their beloved Princess last week was NOT positive.. Does everybody have an exceptional cruise on Princess...I don't know.. but I do know that a dear, dear friend was not a "happy cruiser...[edited] Several years ago I was at a resort in the D.R. and wrote a review for Debbies Dominican..somebody else did of the exact week.. the other reviewer saw broken toys in the pool, I saw none....she saw through her eyes and I who can be pretty critical saw nothing...I ask you Nurse Debra...seriously join me for a cruise on the Celebrity Equinox and we can compare notes..and if your interested I'll be delighted to tell you exactly what sailing, I don't
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