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Hurry John... the riviera deck AFT (in the back)is pretty quiet on the Triumph try 4109 for an inside. I stayed there myself and it was very quiet. Riviera forward can get kind of noisy early in the morning when they drop anchor or dock. Also in rough seas when the waves crash and break against the bow it can be quite loud. The back is much quieter.

The Spa deck on the Triumph is the pits because you get all the noise from excited kids running back and forth to the kid's club and of course yelling and squealing and all that too. Some folks we met last week on the Triumph said the noise outside their Spa Deck cabin was absolutely horrible and I do not doubt it.

Since the layout of the Triumph is like a scaled down version of the Conquest, I would advise the OP to study the deck plans carefully to ensure that they are as far away as possible from Camp Carnival as possible, especially if you are cruising during school breaks or holidays.

The person who came up with putting Camp Carnival on the Spa deck and Club O2 above the Spa deck should have their head examined. I went to the spa to have a nice relaxing massage and it really was wonderful, except for the kids jumping, screaming and bouncing balls over head.

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