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Exclamation Cruise and Land Promotions SCAM!!!!

There is a company that you should look out for. They are called Cruise and Land Promotions. They said I was brought to there attention by using anyone of the online travel sites ( where you do not give out phone numbers when your just browsing, might I add) or by entering a physical drawing. They hold an F with the BBB for response to client complaints and I have found plenty of them. The most common one is that people paid the taxes ( without even knowing what cruise they would be going on or booking anything) and then never could manage to get booked on a cruise and went without a refund.

I got the phone call from the auto-dialer in Texas and was put on hold to wait for a representative, the rep never came on it just went to a voice mail and I went to research the company because I didn't enter to win a "free cruise". Within a few minutes a rep was calling me from Illinois while she loudly enjoyed her lunch in my ear, to confirm my cruise. I told her that I found several complaints about people paying the taxes and then never getting a booking date. she explained the process to me and apparently they ask that you find the cruise you want to book and fill out a form to give them 60 days booking notice. It just sounded like a way to make a lot of time go by really fast and make it as complicated as possible so that they can keep what you pay for taxes without ever giving you your cruise.

I thought about saying yes but as soon as she told me she would be collecting the $93 per person right then with my credit card, a red flag went up and I said no. If you have ever been on a cruise you would know that depending on the port the taxes can be different, there isn't a world wide flat port tax. I would recommend staying away because there are just to many hoops to jump through and that leaves a lot of opportunity to get taken advantage of.

And in the time it took me to write this they have already had another agent call me back to congratulate me on winning again. (10 minutes) I'm not that lucky! But it was nice to get a rep who wasn't chewing on a wildabeast and he did tell me to have a blessed day.
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