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Not really - some people will rent a PO box close to the port, but this entails being able to get off the ship and get to it. Works well in Miami, but the shops/retail/box rental places are a bit of a hike in Canaveral.

Now that the ship is porting out of the States - things should be moving a bit more timely.

If it's something expensive or otherwise important, shipping to the port agent is another option. These agents assist passengers, crew and the ship in general (just google the term). Every ship has one in every port. I've ordered laptops and other pricey items and had them shipped to the port agent, who in turn, walks them onboard. Wouldn't do this for letters or small packages. The agents are also most likely the ones bringing the general 'ship mail' to the ship anyways . . .

I actually have about a dozen addresses on my account just for the different ports and ships I've been on . . . . ;-)
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