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Default shenanigans

well cruises with me my siblings and cousins are always crazy because we're always bored with our friends and looking for trouble but the craziest would have to be….
On our last cruise us and our friends found out how to get free "drinks" from the taps so we'd always go to the bars when they were closed and just drink. This went on for pretty much the whole cruise but then some how one of the security guys found out and came while we were all in there. We made up some excuse saying it wasn't us but he didn't believe us. While he was talking to us two of our friends managed to slip away. Then when he turned around to use his walkie-talkie the rest of us bolted up the steps and out!! we had to run up about six levels until we finally go back to my brother and cousins room.

and as for hookups they aren't very interesting lol
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