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Default More info on the Flat Iron Steak.

More info on the Flat Iron Steak.

FYI. If you like the Flat Iron Steak, you can buy them daily at WalMart, and Krogers. Krogers sells FIS in a premarinated pack or WalMart has the FIS in a fresh meat pack and you can marinade or season to you taste. When we cruise on CCL Conquest Feb 20, 2011, I'll have to try one in the MDR for dinner. . .if it is not lobster and tiger shrimp night. . .or prime rib on the menu. I don't think they offer any other steak but Flat Iron Steak any longer on the MDR menu. Maybe wrong on that. . .anyone who has current info please post.

For lunch, I love to go up from the Buffet to the upper level via the stair case by the desert bar to the Sur Mar Fish Bar for fried fish, oysters, and more. It is just the best. Or, go to the Asian Bar on the side as you walk into the Buffet and have fresh made stir fried Asian food. OR. . .go to the Deli and get a handmade Corn beef on rye sandwich. Hey, if you go hungry on a cruise ship it your own fault. Oh, I forgot the fresh cooked hamburgers and fries on the outer Lido deck. Oh man, I am getting hungry. Better get off here and go to the kitchen and cook some dinner tonight.

Happy Cruising. Remember a bad day at sea on a cruise is better than 3 days setting at home.
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