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The reason I didn't just ask my butler to make the reservations is the subject of another column I will be doing about butlers.

I don't know how YOU are first thing in the morning, but the last thing I feel like is small talk.

When a butler asks me "is there anything else you want me to do" at 7:00 a.m. when I have just barely opened my eyes and he is placing a napkin in my barely covered lap, the last thing I think of is "I think I'd like to dine in Aqualina tomorrow night."

The point is - you DON'T always think of what you want at the correct time. Sometimes ideas just occur to you (isn't that the definition of "ideas?").

I had just decided I wanted to dine in there at about 3:30 and I was at the front desk, so I asked guest relations if they could make a reservation, They told me they could. and would.

They didn't. That's a fail in my book.

(also, just FYI, I generally trust guest relations far more than butlers. In my mind a butler is a glorified room steward. Also, just because it matters to me, it was 3:30 and as a former cruise ship staff member I know that is when butlers take breaks, so I didn't want to call him and wouldn't have for anything at that time of day.)

Also - Eric, you can place different aspects of cruises in different orders of importance, but don't expect everyone else to agree with your priorities.

I know people who cruise to dance - they are dance enthusiasts. If the band that is scheduled to be playing at 8:30 is sitting at a table drinking at 8:45 just because "no one is there anyway" then that's another "fail."

I like good food, I got very tired of wine by day four, but I generally cruise for stateroom comfort and destinations. Dinner is often NOT a priority to me. But when it is, I like to think I can get what I was told I can get.

By the way - I went to Aqualina at 8:15 the night of my 8:30 reservation and there wera at least 10 empty tables for 2. They could have easily accomodated me earlier. I talked to a friend who had reservations in Prime C the same night. He was also told 8:30. He went there at 7:30, stayed and had a drink, and also saw numerous empty tables he could have had at 7:30 if not earlier. Their reservation system has problems.
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