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Sorry Paul, I thought I read that entertainment wasn't a big deal for you. Regardless, it is a "fail" that the entertainment was bad. I leave it to each person to determine if it is a "fail", a "Fail" or a "FAIL". But if you are going on a cruise for dancing, and some do, it is critical to check such things out in advance. Crystal specializes in it and markets itself for same. Azamara doesn't. It is, however, obviously good to know...and to be avoided or considered with trepidation.

Similarly, mixups with reservations at specialty restaurants is - for me - a known issue on most every line. My strategy is to walk into the restaurant during the day if I can't get something comfirmed immediately.
I have thi strategy because of prior "fails"...but I keep them as all lower case.
Also, there is a deceptive things about empty tables. Sometimes they are intentionally empty because the restaurant works on X number of people being serviced at a time. By staggering a dinner service that can last 2 hours, tables for two can sit empty for 1.5 hours because there are tables of 6 or 8 being served at earlier times. (By having a good mix of tables, there will be other times when tables for 2 are full and tables for 6 or 8 are empty.)

For example, I have a group of 20+ on the Century this Saturday, but I had to book out Murano for the entire evening because it cannot serve 20+ people at one time with its normal service. However it seats more than 20 if you count the chairs.

It seems from your comments that the cruise seemed to start out great and slipped in a number of areas the longer it went on. Is that correct?
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