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Talking Showers

Originally Posted by Kuki View Post
Id forgotten how tiny the showers are in these cabins. It appears Mrs. Kuki and I have grown with age (a nice way of saying expanded). Years ago the two of could share the shower space. Today, not only is that impossible, if I want my feet washed I have to stick them out beyond the shower curtain, and ask her assistance. As well, the bath towels are about big enough for someone who can fit in the shower. The really nice thing about the shower is it has great water pressure, and plenty of hot water.
... DW and I have definitely expanded over the years too ... check out our pictures at Cruising with the Halls!!

We rarely bother with the shower in the cabin. We simply go up to the spa, which almost always has beautiful free showers in the changing rooms, equipped with large fluffy towels, and even a better selection of shampoos than the cabin!

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