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For my upcoming cruise I decided to use a TA, other than the $100.00 ship board credit to our cabin Iím not impressed. When using a TA you can only use them if you decide to change things. For instants I choose our cabin and the next week we decided we wanted to move to a different room, same category just a different location on the same floor. My TA said we canít do that so I called Carnival and they said sure you can but your TA has to change it through us. Any and all requests must go through your TA. I do have to tell you the person is very nice but knew very little about Carnival and at one point during our conversation she said to me you know more that I do. Up to this point I personally see no need to book with a TA and probably wonít do it again. Although the $100.00 SBC is nice!
Who know maybe if something goes wrong it will pay off to use the TA. It's whatever you're comfortable with.
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