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Originally Posted by RTALLEN View Post
I am still curious as to how wrinkle resistant a "Wrinkle Resistant" sports coat/blazer is. Not that I'm going to rush out and buy one, but I would like to know (for future reference). The research continues .........:-)
Before I buy anything I always do the "crease test". Find the jacket you are thinking about, and when no one is looking, scrunch up a fistfull of fabric in your hand, real tight! Hold it for as long as no one is around, and when you let go, is it creased or not? Should tell you whether it is wrinkle proof or not!
We have also started carrying my husbands Tux and jacket in our hand luggage....dont bother getting them cleaned before you leave home...squash them in the bottom of the bag with all the heavy stuff like books etc....then get them cleaned as soon as you board. They then stay dirty till next cruise!
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