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Originally Posted by Bruce Chafkin1 View Post
You need to do a bit more homework - and re-read my post.
I never mentioned baggage handlers at the airport.
I mentioned the baggage handlers at the PIER.

Fair enough.

Half Moon Cay is neither owned by HAL nor Carnival Corporation.
It is leased by Carnival Corporation from the Bahamian Government.
HAL is a subsidiary of a tenant occupant.
HMC is managed by a facility management company based in Grand Rapids, Michigan. what is your point here?You say that "the agreement between HMC and the bar management offers HMC considerably (sic) sway in how personnel deal with HMC's clientele." I should have used the HAL instead of HMC, it was a typo."

Have you seen the contract between the Michigan-based management company and Carnival Corp? Shall I presume from this that you have? And if you have not, why the inferred superior air? I am making some assumptions, based on what I have seen in my past. Have you seen the contract between DIAGEO (the European-based liquor distributor that built the bar and hired the Captain Morgan actor) and Carnival Corporation?
I sincerely doubt it. As I doubt you have seen them. I most certainly can tell you that I have seen how trademarks are protected in the hospitality industry. HAL doesn't have any contracts with any of them, by the way. They are paid by Carnival Corp.

Are you kidding here? Carnival owns Holland. What difference does it make who writes the check!

You say that "the cruise line has complete control over what happens at HMC".
Not quite.
The Bahamian Government has complete control over what happens at HMC. It's their country. For real? You are honestly are going to say that the Bahamian government has control - interest in the least? - over the manner in which employees handle guests at a resort? Good treatment of guests benefits Holland America, and by benefitting Holland America, benefits Carnival. Poor treatement does the opposite and the cruise lines - wherever their staff interact with clients, have at the least either the control over that interaction or reasonable best interests to control that interaction.
A Carnival Corporation Vice President oversees the general activities of the management company there, and occasionally speaks to HAL on what goes on there.

A curious passage. You know the frequency of their conversations with their subsidiary companies, and what they might discuss? .
as per above. Trying to splice ownership of who owns the island, talk about HAL vs CCL, and what not is simply obfuscating the point here. As you yourself say, all the people should be held to the same high standards as the waiter in the Rembrandt room. The point of this entire thread is predicated on the thought that they cruise lines have the power (or should assert such power as they have) in this arena.
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