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[/QUOTE]I think that is a stretch. HAL takes us to what they profess to be their private island. I would demand high standards of HAL's own booking centres. But travel agents are independant re-sellers and don't need to be held to anyone's standards but their own. Like any company, they live and die by their own sword.
So does Carnival stop at the same island? I assumed that part of the island was branded for HAL and part of the island was branded for Carnival; which would not preclude both ships beign docked at the same time. When Carnivals docks there; do they change over all the signage from HAL to Carnival? Just curious.[/QUOTE]

DIAGEO, who built the Captain Morgan Bar - and employs the Captain Morgan Actor - is also an independent re-seller. Does that mean they and their employees also do not need to be held to anyone's standards but their own?

You should never ASSUME anything. Assuming usually gets uninformed people into trouble.
HMC is not branded for one company or another. No signs are changed when different ships call there.
There is never an occasion when ships from HAL and Carnival visit simultaneously at HMC.
More Carnival ships than HAL ships call there every year.