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I thought I posted on this thread earlier and now it seems to have GONE WITH THE WIND so if it suddenly reappears, please do not continue reading as it is my comments originally posted.

These are my sentiments and are not meant to be offensive, so please do not be after reading them, please.

I come to to read about other peoples' experiences with cruises: past, present or yet to come. Some have great comments, have asked excellent questions, and have posted some suggestions which have helped me tremendously. Cruises should be full of fun, adventure, and relaxation. You can do as much or as little as you like on a cruise. It is your vacation, you've paid for it, and expectations are high for a great time.

When I read certain posts/threads here, I am amazed at comments made by some posters. I want to yell out to them, "Hey, people, we are not here to solve the problems of the world, cure cancer and AIDS, help Japan with their nuclear reactor problems, or handle any other such important issues. This is a site for cruising; get your priorities straight.

I personally do not find the word "crap" to be offensive. In fact, I'm extremely happy that the crapper was invented, for sure. It is, after all, a derivative of someone's last name. I can think of other more crass and harsh words, many of which I have used in my lifetime. The poster using it was probably expressing his displeasure concerning his experiences and wanted to warn/inform of us of them, should we be in the same situation.

Yes, perhaps he is unaware of HAL's employee payroll (as I am in some instances, and I am sure many others taking cruises during their lifetime), either in the airport, terminals (airport, cruise ship), off island, shore excursion, or whatever. Having said that, these are the people we use to get to our final destination and if they are not directly employees of HAL, they at least represent them, and are a stepping stone for our means reaching our ends (getting from the airport to cruise terminal to onboard). They represent HAL and so therefore, when we have an issue with them, we should go directly to the company which utilizes their services, or at least ask them how to reach the appropriate employer.

I, for one, knew that HMC was leased. I did not know that Carnival also uses that same island. I knew that some Bahamians worked there. I did not know that some lived there. For all of you providing that information, thank you, but I would not lose any sleep over not knowing the answers. They are simply not important in my life and I am not sure important in yours, either (except if you are one of them).

Don't yell, scream, point the finger, or be otherwise abusive to us not knowing this information, or just telling you of our bad experiences, in the hope of bringing them to your attention so that you don't have to go through what we have.

I have been called arrogant by one poster who misunderstood one of my posts, and have been told by another that they did not read all of my post because it was too hard to read and too lengthy and did not use paragraphs. I did not know we had to write a certain way on this site. Are there any other lists of rules and regulations which I might have missed? The point is, we will probably never ever meet each other in our real life, so why get upset? You have the option to pass over a thread or not to comment: use that option. I won't make a difference and it will not help the world's global warming and other such problems. Just what is your real priority--is it to get angry and abusive with someone who will never ever enter your realm anyway, or is it to make the world a better place?

I come from NYC and I was there on 9/11. Guess what? Some of my t's are no longer crossed, some of my i's are no longer dotted, and it really doesn't matter anyway. My priorities have changed and I now pick my battles. Getting angry or abusive with people only makes me a lower person, gets my blood pressure up, and makes me want to eat more pasta (which I would love to, but rationality overcomes irrationality in this case).

I am looking forward to more enjoyable happy posts over things which I've experienced and am happy to relive, or new facts to help me out in future cruises and case scenarios. Don't sweat this small stuff and play nice, ok?

If your intent is to call someone out in a public forum, I will repeat Mark Twain's words, "Better to keep your mouth closed and be thought a fool than to open it and remove all doubt"?

Thank you for listening to my humble opinions.