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Originally Posted by Nancy L View Post
Just the 2 of us going. Only 1 large suitcase and 1 carry on. But they will be stuffed full. May have to buy a suitcase to put gifts in that we will bring back. My daughter said that the detergent & dryer sheets on Carnival were very expensive so I should take my own. Don't know about Princess but I assume most cruise ships are the same. Thanks for the info.
A dispenser is in the room and costs I belive four quarters , enough for one load is in the box. Though my wife mumbled about needing another box. I cannot remember if dryer sheets were sold as its not a common item.
If you bring some detergent , only bring the regular stuff and why one needs dryer sheets is beyond me for a 7 day cruise. The service is not that expensive as an option.
Either throw in a canvas bag to your luggage or buy onboad in the shops a good soft bag for extras, not that expensive. Throw in an extra TSA lock beforee you leave and or some twist ties, enough to allow you send as checked.
Have a great time and where are you going.

Cheers /Rob
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