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Arrow Don't take an iron on a Princess ship!

Originally Posted by geek2330 View Post
Called Princess and the guy told me I cannot bring my own b/c it's a haz item.

Called yesterday to ask something else and asked the lady about the irons, she said i could bring my own.....

So, has anyone tried bringing an iron and had no issues when embarking?

We'll be on the Crown the 23rd sailing western caribbean; wife doesn't like the idea of walking or having to go somewhere on the deck to iron our clothes, inconvenient, boo hoo.
We'll be on the Caribe deck room C319 and not sure how close the laundry room will be.
Use the laundry room to iron, purchase laundry supplies at local store near port.
Don't add weight to luggage being checked by airlines flying coach, most airlines have a 50 lb limit before surcharge up to $50, Delta $75 for 1 lb over weight. Exception, Jet Blue 1 free check-in & South West 2-free check-ins.
Under garments can be washed in the sink with hair shampoo, use the iron in the laundry room to dry after washing, the blow dryer can finish in a pinch.
I get free dry cleaning & laundry with PRINCESS, which takes 2-days to receive back, I still wash my gym clothes in the sink to have it for following day.
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