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Originally Posted by kat1953 View Post
Fern, you got an excellent deal. We retail that same bag (not that color, black and beige) for around $55. I've never seen PacSafe bags in that color before.

You will find the bag lies close to your body and is quite flat, doesn't really expand much at all. Fine for a travel book, papers, etc... It may not hold a water bottle unless the bottle is small.

BTW, ebags is just another seller of PacSafe, they do not own the brand. PacSafe is sold in luggage and travel stores and other outlets, such as TravelSmith and Magellans (although I think some are now branding their own, probably buying from PacSafe manufacturer??)
Hi Kat1953, apparently the "sage" (light green) color wasn't selling well, so it was less expensive. For travel use I really don't care what color it is ! The water bottle we usually bring is a small bottle for the times that we can't buy another.

I compared the price with other PacSafe 200 bags (on more site's than I really wanted to look at!) and thought this was the best price. I'm glad you agree, since you're the "bag & luggage" expert here !

I'm more interested in the safety and "useability" (is that a word?) than fashion!
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