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I got a $400 voucher from American Airlines for allowing myself to be bumped.

I used it a month ago to book a flight in December PHX to FLL. They told me I had the reservation and to mail the voucher in. I did.

Well, I never got a confirmation of the flight, so finally I went to look it up online and while I could see my reservation code for the flight, it was marked "canceled."

They had canceled my reservation for no good reason - and had not notified me. I called the airline yesterday and the agent said "well, I don't know why it was canceled, but because it was so far out they usually don't tell you right away."

Real Nice. Meanwhile the voucher is only good for a year, and I had mailed it in, and they are sitting on it while I think I have a flight booked. How do you "research" that one so there are "no surprises" when they didn't tell me my reservation had been canceled? I was just waiting by the mailbox for my tickets to arrive.

I called and the agent reinstated my flight - and made sure I would get another voucher for the remainder of the original $400 I didn't use.
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