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Originally Posted by Paul Motter View Post
I got a $400 voucher from American Airlines for allowing myself to be bumped.

I used it a month ago to book a flight in December PHX to FLL. They told me I had the reservation and to mail the voucher in. I did.

Well, I never got a confirmation of the flight, so finally I went to look it up online and while I could see my reservation code for the flight, it was marked "canceled."

They had canceled my reservation for no good reason - and had not notified me. I called the airline yesterday and the agent said "well, I don't know why it was canceled, but because it was so far out they usually don't tell you right away."

Real Nice. Meanwhile the voucher is only good for a year, and I had mailed it in, and they are sitting on it while I think I have a flight booked. How do you "research" that one so there are "no surprises" when they didn't tell me my reservation had been canceled? I was just waiting by the mailbox for my tickets to arrive.

I called and the agent reinstated my flight - and made sure I would get another voucher for the remainder of the original $400 I didn't use.
When I have a voucher, I always take care of booking the flight at the airport and not via phone and have never had a problem. Some may not be able to do this, but the reason I knew to do this direct at the airport was after "researching" and discussing with an airline rep. who was knowedgeable of the procedure...but you yourself just gave out "valuable info" for others to use if they are dealing with vouchers, based on your personal experience ! But this example certainly does not fall under the category of "Whats the catch?" as this sticky is about.....more likely a "glitch" with the airline.
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