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Originally Posted by LisaK View Post
ladies will appreciate this one, formal night, salon appt to get hair done, you must specify exactly what you want done, ie wash, blowdry, styled with curling iron, did all this so that was fine, hairdresser proceeded to put into my hair- without asking me(there's the catch) this beautiful sparkly barette, see where this is going? didn't tell me until she was all done that the barette was an extra $20.00- what was i going to do, tell her to take it out and re-style my hair, that probably would have cost extra too.
Going off the point here slightly, I have always been convinced that the function of Formal Night was solely to generate extra revenue for the cruise line - photographs etc - Lisa you have just proved it.

BTW I have short thick hair which I can towel dry and it will hold the style for as long as required.

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