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Which HAL are you taking? They stop in a couple of places......and, it is a 3 hr drive without a stop on a road that consistently rates as the #1 or #2 scenic road in all of the 50 states...and it is a 2 lane road....One accident on the road will block traffic for hours...Considering you have to be at the airport 1 1/2 -2 hrs early, that is not a great idea. Stay in Anchorage for day or more. There is so much to see....and stay in you can walk...grab a cab to the airport...Most of the hotels downtown do not have airport shuttles...Anchorage...the the size of the state of Delaware...really.....There is a free Alaska app if you have a smart phone...and there is lots to do in the downtown area which is really walkable. There is the summer market is the Seavey Iditaride show...not free but well worth the $39.00 bucks....There is a ghost tour, 20.00 buck, every night and an hour trolley ride that takes you around town, stopping in earthquake park for 15.00...Stop in at the visitor center...on 4th to the people there.....Have fun in Anchorage...on the way up from Seward, stop at the conservation center in Portage..and go see the aquarium in Seward. It is well done....and take a look at the waterfront...Usually there are lots of otters in the can hike to a landlocked glacier also in Seward...Not a long hike...and take a sled dog ride....Lots to do in a very little town...Stop on the way up from Seward for lunch at the Turnigan House...The chef can do things with Alaskan seafood that are wonderful....
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