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I think this thread ought to be "sticky", just to help out the newcomers.

I didn't discover Cruisemates until this spring; I answered a couple of posts for partners but they didn't work out. However, as a result of them two people contacted me, and one I just did a week with, very amicably. We met for the first time on the way to the ship. We're 15 years apart in age, and have some different interests and opinions, but spent more time together on the cruise than I had expected. I'd happily cruise with her again (she'll have to post her own opinion, in the reverse direction!)

I do appreciate the posts that imply whether or not I'd get along with the person. Generally it's good to expect that you're sharing the cabin, and anything else is a bonus. I did not and will not answer any that say "love to party!" or that include pictures of the person, just because I'm probably not what the poster is looking for.
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