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Originally Posted by You View Post
The Big 3 automakers are cashing in on the fact that the Baby Boomer generation is now entering retirement with 401K 's to spend (and AARP lower auto premiums) and bringing back the cars of our youths that we either owned or wanted to own (of course I was the only kid in high school with a 63 VW Beetle always wanted a 1965 Pontiac GTO)..when you see a new Mustang, Camero, Charger or Vette at the gas station more then likely the owner is over 59 then 19

now one is screaming to bring back the 1964 Plymouth Fury or 1961 Nash Rambler (well maybe Kuki) or the 1966 Ford Country Squire stationwagon with the fake wood side panels

I'm still trying to figure out how I made out with my GF in the back of my 63 beetle...oh yea, NOW I remember :::: looking forward to trying the same thing in the 2012 beetle (now if I could just find the same GF :::
Okay, as a teenager, I always dreamed of cruising down the highway a brand new 1973 Imperial LeBaron (Chrysler) sedan with the leather interior, well equipped, including the trailer towing package (rated for 7,000 pounds of trailer). Of course, this car would be towing my Avion travel trailer to my favorite get-away spot or perhaps to the next destination on my tour of the country....

So where's the retro Imperial???

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