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Manuel...that applies to so many things in our neighbor has a 1973 VW beetle that she lets me start up for her and take down the street every once in awhile..compared to my 2003 beetle it seems tiny..the new 2012 21st Century Beetle is suppose to be 4 inches wider and 6 inches longer and 5 inches higher then my 2003 version..therefore using your logic , as long as my 2011 GF is the same size as my 1969 GF and taking into account that I am bigger (weight wise) and the 2012 beetle is larger then the 1973 version, my GF and I should be able to fit just fine, plus the moonroof is much bigger to see the stars and the fender sound system in the 2012 version is alot better then my $39.95 radio shack 8 track tape am radio version purchased in a matter of fact the fender sound system cost more then my entire 1973 Beettle ::::
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