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Exclamation Booking excursions

Originally Posted by vali-hai View Post
On the 3rd day we wanted to settle our account with Pedro before leaving the hotel, but he said that we can do it later.
...Pedro presented us with a messy scrambled bill written on a piece of paper. He grabbed cash and left even not saying “good buy” to all of us. The amount seamed too high, so we made the calculations after he left and realized that Pedro intentionally overcharged us $156 for extra time not provided and cheating with the conversion rate....
I am sorry you had a bad experience.

It is not quite clear to me what your agreement with the guide was, but it appears that you had an hourly rate in local currency? Apparently that was where the problem was.

We have booked with many private guides all over the world, and almost universally had no problems whatsoever with the bill. We always ask for a total rate for the tour in US$, not hourly or local currency. I carry with me the email correspondence with the agreed price in it, but really have never had to resort to pulling it out. Then I put that amount in an envelope. In another envelope I have an assortment of bills for the tip, from 20s down to 5s or even 1s, so that I can decide at the end how good the guide was and pick out the appropriate tip. This works out very well for me.

Donna, it appears this was a pre-cruise and not an excursion that could have been booked with the cruise line. While we often book cruise line excursions, we also often book with independent guides. Of course we assume a bit more responsibility when we do that, but it usually works very well for us.

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