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We were once standing by an elevator,and saw a girl run by crying... shortly thereafter, an officer went running by...When we docked, there was a Broward County Sheriffs car waiting, and, he was brought off the ship..I also know someone who's child was accosted.

On out first Cruise,Carnival Celebration, back in 1990, during the Funship years, there was some serious drinking, and some foolish actions by young adults, around the pool.

Fortunately, that's about all we have been witness to, but, certainly there is bad behavior onboard, as there is on land based vacations. We are sailing on ships the size of small towns..things happen. I will say watching the video, on 20/20, if I saw security running away from a situation I would not be happy. I personally was witness to someone, [crew member] falling and went to get an officer. His response was not what I expected, and, I was surprised, to say the least.

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