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Default parallels and aņalogies

It is interesting to me how the press is overly sensationalizing the recent Concordia crash. A huge plane crash with hundreds killed would not receive near the coverage eventhough such event(s) would be far more tragic.

After living here in Patzcuaro, Michoacan, Mexico for 1.5 years, I see a lot of parallels and analogies. The press coverage of the "troubles" here in Mexico has been quite similar and never ending, while drug related murders and drive by killings are not even considered news in many larger U.S. cities. The press recycles and sensationalizes problems here in Mexico causing many people to be fearful about travel in Mexico.

In our year and a half we have experienced zero acts of violence and have felt safe at every turn, even as we drive all over the country.

As President Phillipe Calderon has said, " The only shots I have seen as a travel around Mexico are young people having fun and enjoying shots of tequila."

Many of my cruismates friends have expressed concern about our safety here in Mexico. I can assure them that we are quite safe just as we would be safe traveling by cruise ship anywhere in the world.

So the next time you read about a safety problem in Mexico, please question your news source and think about the similar kinds of crimes that may be happening in your home town before you jump to conclusions.

Also please come to Mexico and see for yourself what a wonderfully safe and beautiful place it is to visit or to live as an expatriate.
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