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I am one of those who have worried about your safety, and continue to do so.

I am sure it is true, that not all of Mexico is dangerous, but it is difficult to overlook the reports coming out of your new country.

Overlooking reports of bodies being found, stacked together is something that would be reported, no matter where it was. Towns who have lost the entire police dept, due to murder of the officers, or fear of death, should be reported.

I have a friend Maria who has many family members still in Mexico, and she gives regular reports of the troubles they are going through. The places where they use to go, that are no longer available to them, because it is simply to dangerous.

Texas is being hit hard because we have become the major drug route to the north. Drug cartels are setting up shop here, so to better run their businesses. That is by the way, under reported. It would be different if it was American bad guys, but these are not Americans, but are those who break their first law, by entering this country without permission.

Something should be said about a country that you describe as being a great, safe land, who have citizens who pay money to get out on the back of trucks, in horrible conditions, in the middle of the night, in order to excape.

There must be something to it, when cruiselines refuse to stop in Mexican cities, where it is simplely to dangerous for the passengers. That is not something that is quickly decided, but took time, and great expense.

Yes, I continue to pray for you. I want you and your partner to be happy, safe, and reap the rewards of all of your hard work, but you are sitting on a hot bed.

Take care.....


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