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Originally Posted by Wnt2loveuforever View Post
Hi there.. My name is Ryan..I am a 27 yr old gwm that lives in Saint Louis, MO...USA.

I am currently booked on the Valor 8-27 of this year. I am taking my mom. I have never been on a gay cruise, not my style. However i work in a law firm and am planning on doing 1 cruise a year, maybe more...Just depends. Next year i am taking my nephew who just turned 6 on a cruise. Haven't decided where yet, but I still have time.
Just thought I would say hi...My 2nd home is Branson, so down the road a few from you. I had done a cruise about every 8 mos with my ex. If you want to try to cruise 1ce a year, then that sounds great to me. Anyway, I know you said you were taking your nephew next year & that is great, but keep me in mind for the future - Jim...
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