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Originally Posted by Tasha85 View Post
They are not paid very well at all! It is 7.5% commission on every treatment done and every retail product sold.... I was lucky to bring in $300 a cruise! I was in the Spa from 7am to 10pm everyday apart from the 2.5 days I had off a week.....however if for some reason the ship could not dock on a port day then you had to work so some days you wouldnt even get your days off! The spas opened at 7.30am and closed at 10pm - the chances of you leaving the spa at 10 were slim!!!!
The target of the spa on the Carnival Conquest was 100,000 dollars per FIVE day cruise so there you can see how the team have to work like dogs.
And no one on there made a cent.... just the 7.5 commission which equates to basically zero. If you break your contract before the 9 month is up then you lose your commission from that month and have to pay your flights home - some people have to just stick it out to try and get enough air fare!
Im not getting something. No one is forcing you or anyone else to work for Steiner spa. If someone is unhappy working for them then leave after your contract is up...BTW you should have known what the salery was prior to signing up.
However I have sailed with my wife on many cruises and we both were always happy with the services...And yes I know how to say no and I know how to end the subject if they persist in selling products...BUT that does'nt take away from the great service I received.
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