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Originally Posted by Mike M View Post
Based on my recent experience with Carnival the passengers will at least get a refund of their cruise fare and probably the cost of their return airfare. I wouldn't be surprised if they throw in a certificate for $XXX or a precentage off another Carnival cruise.
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Fortunate for you the cause of the problem was what warranted a refund. In this case the contract "allows" nothing:

(d) If the performance of the proposed voyage is hindered or prevented (or in the opinion of Carnival or the Master is likely
to be hindered or prevented) by war, hostilities, blockage, ice, labor conflicts, strikes on board or ashore, restraint of
Princes, Rulers or People, seizure under legal process, breakdown of the Vessel, congestion, docking difficulties or any
other cause whatsoever or if Carnival or the Master considers that for any reason whatsoever, proceeding to, attempting
to enter, or entering or remaining at the port of Guest’s destination may expose the Vessel to risk or loss or damage or be
likely to delay her, the Guest and his baggage may be landed at the port of embarkation or at any port or place at which
the Vessel may call, at which time the responsibility of Carnival shall cease and this contract shall be deemed to have been
fully performed, or if the Guest has not embarked, Carnival may cancel the proposed voyage without liability to refund
passage money or fares paid in advance..."

The news was reported in the Italian press as well..."
The Triumph of Carnival
The tragedy of the Costa Concordia
GENOA-American justice and move today on the tragic sinking of the Costa Concordia: Padlocked a Carnival cruise ship, controlling Costs, about to leave for a trip from Texas, and asked to be able to see the ship's black box over the cliffs at Isola del Giglio. The seizure was asked as a precaution to protect the compensation. At the request of American legal relatives of a German woman died in the shipwreck, the American military tribunal has sent police to put seals on the deck of the Carnival Triumph moored in the port of Galveston. To the surprise of hundreds of passengers, crew and Commander, now ready to sail, the cops are boarded around American 8.30 (15.30 in Italy) and have notified the Act of seizure on behalf of judge Galveston Division of the u.s. District Court. According to the American justice, says a study of lawyer John Arthur Eaves, which promoted the cause, the Carnival '' will pay a deposit of 10 million dollars to the Texas Court to dissequestrare the ship, which will put a guarantee fund for the injured plaintiff, or reach an agreement directly with the German legal family ''.
'' The Texan told magistrate-in Italy a spokesman of Eaves-he married the argument that the death of the town is due to non-compliance with the rules and procedures of safety aboard Costa Concordia, due to the lack of appropriate duty to exercise control of Carnival. '' The reasonable compensation which family will be right justified, therefore-even the lawyer says, the request made by the lawyers of a precautionary sequestration ''. Usa, Carnival Cruise you say '' sorry for what happened '' and departing passengers from the Gulf of Mexico that '' our firms are trying to resolve the matter ''. '' We are confident – we read in a note from the company-that the ship may depart today ''.
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