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Default Carnival Dream Passenger

I just disembarked from the Dream today. The Carnival staff handled a very critical situation extremely well. Yes, plans were disrupted, but what is Carnival to do. What happened was that at approximately 10-1030am on Thursday, May 24 the Cruise Director, Steve, announced that there was a serious emergency which required that the ship turn around and head toward Puerto Rico (this was not one of our port of calls on this voyage). Approximately 6 hours later, a Coast Guard chopper met the ship out at sea to board the ill passenger and transport them to Puerto Rico. On Friday, Carnival announced that there will be a 6 hour delay in our arrival to Port Canaveral, our embarkation point. Those passengers who booked thir airfare through Carnival were re-booked on other flights. Other passengers were able to rearrange their flights via the internet to telephones in their cabin as Carnival opened up all of their phone lines to all passengers (free) so that passengers could rearrange their flight plans or to advise family members of our delayed arrival. We were port side prior to 12noon and the disembarkation process started very shortly thereafter.

I am quite certain there will be many critical postings of Carnival, but I believe they handled the dire situation with extreme professionalism and handled a difficult situation with extreme organization. Before one critizes the cruise line, one should consider...did Carnival really wish for this to happen. It is a huge logistical nightmare for them trying to organize while thinking of over 6,000 passengers, both those waiting to disembark and those waiting to sail. Carnival had no choice but to make sure the passenger received the best care possible.

We did hear this morning that it was an elderly female passenger who had a heart attack aboard the ship, but keep in mind this was not a "confirmed" source. Let's hope,if this is the case, she is on her way toward recovery.
Cheers mate!
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