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Originally Posted by rtosh0719 View Post
ya you are exactly right. next time i will worry every minute of the day and not enjoy my cruise. at least i will have kept tabby tab mctabb tabbs on my tab. and no offense but its a mistake that shouldnt have even been made in the first place if you read what exactly happened. how does a transaction get pushed through if nothing had been signed? especially one of that dollar amount. im tired of telling how many times i checked both cruise charges and bank statement (since they put a hold on the account after every charge twice a day) did i fail to mention i checked that often? ill copy and paste it 1000x if need be. Sure i can get upset about it. its not your money so you can easily say well i would have done...fact is they made the mistake, not me. i talked to them on monday and they said it would be done within a week.
Well forgive me for stating the obvious, but yes you SHOULD concern yourself for a few minutes at the end of each day to check your on board account...afterall, it is YOUR money that a cruise line is playing fast & loose with.

A few minutes checking your receipts each night against a print-out from guest services saves you from countless stress once back home when you discover a cock-up in their accounting.

Checking the account on a regular basis is cruise 101 really.
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