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Default It’s A Tropical Breeze

Tales From The Sea - It’s A Tropical Breeze
Day 1 - First Impressions -

Though my departure airport for this trip was closed (due to lightening in the area) just as I was scheduled to board, the closure didn’t last long, and I was able to depart for Barcelona, and made my connecting flight in Frankfurt, Germany.

And… surprise of surprises, my luggage arrived in Barcelona, not Cairo.
Arrived at the ship shortly after 11 A.M. and, as mentioned, the embarkation process was a “breeze”. I used the VIP check-in process (as I’m a Platinum member of Carnival’s VIFP repeater’s program), but I spoke to others who arrived at the same time, and they were on board with almost the same speed.

It was announced cabins would be available by Noon, which is quite impressive for a quick turnaround day.

Wandering around the ship to get an initial glance at the lay of the land, it’s frankly hard not to be impressed. The first impression drives home the “Tropical Theme” of this ship’s design, and does it very, very well.

The layout has many differences with her older Conquest Class cousins, but yet has the feel of what is likely very familiar traffic flow patterns for past Carnival guests. Deck 5 is still “the action” deck indoors, though there’s some unique and positive differences in the facilities available, which I’ll talk about in much greater length later in the virtual cruise.

With Ocean Plaza, the “action” of Promenade Deck 5 has been extended to so it basically includes the outdoor deck as well. Easily accessible from most of the clubs and restaurants on the same deck, with some excellent seating areas, the entire deck, indoors and out, makes all spaces a part of the design ambience.

By tomorrow I should be settled in enough to begin uploading and including pictures with my daily reports. My “first day and jet lag excuse” will have to carry me for today.

Before I head to bed I guess I do have to mention, I did indeed try the Guy Fieri Hamburgers today, and they are excellent. I’m going to have to give them a more thorough test in the coming days to be certain, but a much better product than I even expected.

I will be back tomorrow with more stories so do come back to continue this cruise with me, and I’ll do my best to getting answers to your questions.
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