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Just curious as to what type of "comp" you feel you might be entitled to. You should call your bank and dispute the charge. It appears as if this has gone on for quite some time, and if Royal hasn't resolved it, nip it in the bud with your bank. Did you keep copies of your receipts that you signed? If so, there is the proof you need for your bank that the second charge did not go through. On a side note, it usually takes 10 business days for money to be put back onto a debit card.

Yes, I understand that the money was taken out of your account. Yes, I understand that it was an inconvenience to not have that money there. I totally understand why you are upset, as I would be; but I would have disputed it with my bank if not resolved within a reasonable amount of time. Just not sure what "comp" you are looking for from Royal.
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