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We also have learned are lesson on leaving a day early if we are going on a cruise.March 2011 we arrive at the airport at 4 a.m to catch a flight to L.A to board the Sapphire Princess for a 14 day Hawaiin cruise.We should of arrived in L.A around 9 A.m in plenty of time to board the ship. When we arrived at the airport we were told there was a slight delay.Long story short. Alaskas airlines computers had crashed and a slight delay ended up being 14 hours at the airpot. Needless to say we missed the ship.There is some good in this story tho.Alaska ended up flying us to Kona and put us up in a resort for 4 days.It was a blast we rented a car toured the whole island and on the last day drove to Hilo visted are nephew and boarded the ship for the rest of the cruise.And to top it all off once on the ship we learned that Princess had refunded us for the 4 days of the cruise we had missed without us saying a word about it. Which we thought was some pretty good custumer service
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