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Default Is this legit?

I would not for 1 second ever believe this postcard was legit and it would go straight from mailbox to trash faster than I could delete a pre-recorded "congratulations you won a ..." phone call.

That being said, my friend and I were at the fair the other day and she was stopped by a lady at a booth offering a free 4day Carnival cruise in exchange for attending a timeshare presentation. She was persistent but not pushy. Both of us being avid travelers, my friend (who can be more than a little gullible) immediately got sucked in then reluctantly sucked me into filling out the form agreeing to come to the presentation. I told the lady I had no intention on buying a timeshare, she said just come for the free trip. I told her I didn't believe the cruise was free, she said it was and a company as large as them wouldn't risk the backlash from scamming folks on TS presentations. I told her I didn't even have a job let alone meet the $75k required annual salary, she said just check yes and don't tell them when I get there and bring a major credit card We're to go next week.

After we filled out the form she asked us for $20 good faith money which was refundable when we showed up. I told her to go to hell, she waived it She and the literature she showed us (which included the specific destinations and ports we could choose from, about 5 total), clearly stated Carnival cruise line and that we had to pay nothing but port fees and taxes. We confirmed this with her several times. She said we have 18months to travel. The timeshare is for the Worldmark Wyndham which is a very nice and reputable timeshare/hotel chain, I know someone who's an owner and have been on a couple vacations at the property in different cities. That's the only reason I'm holding hope this is for real. If it was some no name never heard of fly by night company I wouldn't even bother. I just don't want to waste my time. Even if it's only 90 minutes, it's on a Sunday, I have no interest in buying a TS, and it's 40 minutes away. I don't want them to require a "deposit" at the end for me to get the trip or pass me onto some never heard of "travel agency" to book that requires "service charges" and made up fees. I'm not in the financial position to pay $100's of dollars for a cruise right now even if it IS highly discounted. I just took a cruise in May. Oh well I'll show up with my now defunct Amex card and see. At least they're serving lunch...supposedly.

Oh yeah, I'm soooo using The Showmans script lololol. It's hilarious. I love messing with high pressure sales people.
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