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Default Norwegian Breakaway - problems sailing from New York?

First of all - I like NCL and I am not picking on them.

Secondly - it is not as if I think they have not already thought of this themselves...

Third - I like New York and I like homeland cruising - so having the ship sail out of NY year round is a great idea. It is a well-deserved tribute to my favorite city. Plus let's be honest, when you have so many cruising sailing out of Florida, South Carolina, Texas, Louisiana, etc you start to get a pretty strong "Southern" element to the mix, so I welcome having some Yankee cruises.


How can ship designed with outdoor areas called the "Waterway" with outdoor seating and relaxing areas for so many restaurants and bars sail out of NY year round.?

The summer cruises to Bermuda will be fine - but the winter cruises from the city to Port Canaveral and Bahamas will have a number of pretty cold days each cruise.

I am just asking - isn't this a factor? Wouldn't this ship be better suited to a warmer home port?
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