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Default Smart Travel & Incentives

Originally Posted by Paul Motter View Post
I like it, Showman. I actually dinner last night with a guy with a job (kind of) like that. He could not discuss it t all, and it was not a gov't job, just a gov't contract job.

Like you said - they said "no obligation to buy - now give me my prize."

There is one wrinkle though - you can't get "the przie" without paying some fees. You can say "but you said no cost before" and they will say "we don't chanrge any cost, these are GOVERNMENT fees." It's kind of like they beat you to it.

Sorry, but thank anyway.

Scam scam scam

I'm so frustrated, it was nothing short of a nightmare to finally get an offer of a cruise in the Sept - Dec time that wouldn't cost any upgrade. Finally get the e-mail with departure date, time, ship... Then they say you owe $1096.96. This is a complete scam, they'll tell you it's taxes & port fee's bull#@%$. I looked up same exact cruise and it was about $90 difference if I just booked the cruise myself without it being free. It's not only NOT FREE, it's not even a bargain. You have to go on the crappiest ship they pick (usually Carnival) and you have to go the dates & places they give you. Book it yourself and you can pick the dates, places & cruise line (Royal Carrib) much nicer. You end up paying the same amount of money. My dad always said "nothings free" he's right. They took more than 90 minutes (because that's all bull too) wasted our time listening to their stupid "it's NOT a time share" seminar (it is a time share). Wasted more time plus money sending in the travel vouchers. To end up with a bill over a thousand dollars!!! For a FREE cruise!!!!
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