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Default Five Advantages of Cruise Vacations

Five Advantages of Cruise Vacations
by Paul Motter

Here are several advantages Cruises offer over typical vacations that you probably never heard before.


Most people who try a cruise
are surprised by how much it offers

There is probably no nation on earth where the concept of the "family vacation" is more codified and traditional than the United States. The reason is this is the only major developed nation where the average amount of vacation time given by employers each year is just two weeks, whereas in Europe the average is six weeks. This short amount of time granted to mom and dad to be away from work makes it more important to Americans than ever to gather up everyone in the family to spend time together.

But family vacations have changed in the last few generations. Back in the 1970s the family would all get in the family car and drive to a destination together; a beach house, national park or the home of relatives. But since the growth of Disneyland-like destinations, vacations have been transformed from time spent visiting friends and family to more time at places that provide fun organized diversions, for the young and young at heart.

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