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Originally Posted by tracey12 View Post
This brings back memories!!
But no one has mentioned the wipe down nights the last night of the cruise! That also varies depending on your ship and ship manager.

On Holland America we would spend about 1-2 hours cleaning, folding, steaming, cleaning the brass, fixtures and so on.
On Carnival and Royal, it was a lot easier and a bit of a joke compared to Holland, would take no longer than 30mins-1hour.
The last day is the longest, you start at 9am and don't finish until anywhere from 11-12:30am on the busiest day, then have to get up the next day at between 6-7 to get stores on!!
That I don't miss, all the other stuff I do!
On what Holland america have be on and when?
By the description you gave i belive you have been on the Eurodam!
I was on the noordam and I can say that yes last night of the cruise is a little hell, but we never finish after 23:15 (dinner in the Lido ) and was at market place, so a lot of work and also a hole window to prepare.

I am now fight to go back, I miss so much, hope to get back as soon as possible.
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