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Default The Rise of E-Cruising

The Rise of E-Cruising
by Paul Motter

As predicted 15 years ago, every single cruise booking made today now has an Internet component


A travel agent makes a cruise booking over the Internet

CruiseMates came alive on the Internet way back in 1999. Preceding the Internet there were online services like Prodigy and AOL, which were eventually replaced by the Internet. In 1999 my partner and I attended the Seatrade conference in Miami where everyone was talking about the eventual impact of the Internet, which in 1999 was just beginning to pierce the consciousness of the great majority. For the most part, in 1999 the Internet was little more than a convenient place to waste time chatting with mostly younger people you didn't really know.

But one person at that 1999 Seatrade convention, Rod McLeod, who has served a very distinguished career in many roles within the cruise industry, made a statement about the Internet that at the time actually shocked most of the people in attendance, "In ten years there will not a be a single cruise transaction that does have an internet component."

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