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I posted on the blog but I doubt it will show up so:

I also never considered it an "upgrade" if I was moved from something like a Carnival 8B cabin to an 8C cabin. I also had to laugh a few times when I read that someone "Always received an upgrade" when all they were doing was booking a balcony guarantee and then being assigned a balcony cabin higher than the lowest category.

I actually believe the up sell is a great thing for the cruise line. Why give away what many people will be more than happy to pay for. I also remember some of the great up sell deals that NCL did a few years ago. We had an up sell from BA balcony to an aft Penthouse Suite for less than $200 for both of us. I loved it. It does seem that now the cruise lines, including NCL, have taken some of the luster off the up sell. I have spoke with and read about people who have received an up sell call offering a one category upgrade for the same balcony cabin that was just a few doors down the hall. The most notable were friends who offered a BC to BB upgrade for $350. The cabin was two doors forward.

I will miss the "Upgrade Fairy". I had dreams of her and she visited me on a couple of occasions. She was very nice to me on a Celebrity Mercury cruise where she upgraded me from the old Cat 2 balcony cabin to one of the Cat 1 (Now Sky Suites) cabins with the HUGE balcony. May the Upgrade Fairy Rest In Peace. Maybe her magical powers will revive her just like in the "Fairy Tales".

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