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Default Time to Raise the Bar on Cruise Ships?

Time to Raise the Bar on Cruise Ships?
by Paul Motter

The conversation on whether it should be impossible to go overboard from cruise ships is overdue


Some 20 to 25 people
go missing every year

I have resisted raising this argument for more than a year now, and have had this article ready for some time now, but I held back even as I read about a 70-year-old woman who went missing from the Veendam last week. This morning I opened up my cruise news and saw yet another report of a woamn who had gone overboard from the Aurora. Two different ladies within weeks.

When Congress hammered out the Cruise Safety Act of 2012, testimony from a group called International Cruise Victims (ICV) included several recommendations. One was that cruise ship railings should be raised high enough that no one could fall or jump off the vessel. At the time, I opposed this measure because I am convinced that no one accidentally falls off of a ship. Nor do I believe that people are pushed off of cruise ships - presumably as a means to cover up to a crime.

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