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Where are you going to put these " very thin black bars " that would supposedly lessen the number of people going over the side? Everywhere there is an open piece of deck big enough for someone to squeeze through?
If people want to kill themselves, they will find a way., If you are going to make the ships completely 100 % fool proof, as far as people going over the side, you have to completely enclose the ship. Then, when they start killing themselves by other means, you have to address that. Then when that problem is solved, another pops up and another , etc. It would become an endless chain.
I do not feel responsible in any way for some person, drunk or otherwise who chooses to exercise his / her right to take a swan dive off the back of the ship and " raising the bar " ( railing ) a couple of feet is an exercise in futility as far as trying to stop it.
A friend of mine's son just shot himself a couple of days ago. I haven't seen the guy in several years and have no idea why he did it. He was married and had kids--maybe he needed mental help in some way--maybe there were marital problems--whatever the reason, he's gone. I feel for his family and my friend but there's nothing I can do. A lady I used to work with had a beautiful 25 year old daughter that had a fight a couple of months ago with her boy friend. Went home and blew her brains out. Again, I feel for the family but there's nothing I can do.
The point is, people have always found ways to kill themselves and always will if they so desire. To tamper with a cruise ship to keep someone from getting drunk out of their mind and climbing about on the railing or to try to keep people from having a go at sex on the balcony rail, or some one deciding they want to end it all and jumping over is, in my opinion, not feasible unless like I said, make the entire ship a cocoon and then people will start finding other ways to end it or hurt themselves if they are of that mind set. Cutting out alcohol sales would do more to stop this pure stupidity of " overboarding " than anything else the cruise lines could do but who all is in favor of that?
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