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There are basically two different reasons to cancel; one is for a covered reason, such as accident, illness, weather, etc. The other is for 'any reason'. It really depends on the policy, what it allows, and how much it will pay for the two reasons. The first reason is covered at 100%, whereas the second reason, if covered, usually covers anywhere from 75% to 90% depending on the policy.

Some policies do not cover 'cancel for any reason' or CFAR, whereas some do.

A policy purchased through Travelex does not include CFAR unless you specifically purchased it, which is a higher price.

Personally, I never liked Travelex, but that's just me.

You really need to discuss this with your agent as anything I can add would be pure speculation on my part since I don't know the specifics of your policy or your specific situation.

And the 10-day cancellation period you mentioned only reflects the time which you have to cancel the policy and get a full refund for the policy. It has nothing to do with cancelling the cruise.

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